Bill Reidy

Bill Reidy had an affection for all types of art and literature at a young age. As his talent  expanded in high school, he began to see a future in art. He won multiple awards for various submissions in city-wide and regional competitions. Bill graduated cum laude from Washington University in Saint Louis and with distinction from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. You can view his work at                                                     

Authors & Artist


Dante's Cubicle was a team effort. Three of us collaborated to create the final product, each with his special talent. The book is truly a product of team synergy.

Ryan D. Harshman

Ryan Harshman has a B.A in Economics from the John Cook School of Business and was Undergraduate Student Theological Student of the Year in 1997 at Saint Louis University. His business acumen led him toward an officer’s position at Harshman & Associates. During his tenure there, Ryan earned a Master’s in Comparative Theology, matriculating in 2002. He has since fulfilled a life-long passion for the culinary arts by attaining an OCS in Culinary Studies and membership in the American Culinary Federation. He continues to support his father in his business interests as his best friend and admirer.

Carl L. Harshman, Ph.D.

Carl Harshman is a full-time organization and leadership consultant with a varied work history. During the last three decades, he has been a consultant to corporations such as Ford, Goodyear, General Dynamics, Boeing, and General Atomics as well as to a number of nonprofit and educational institutions. For twenty years, his work focused on changing organizational cultures through joint efforts between labor and management. In the new millennium, his focus shifted to leadership and leadership development.

His work experience include a wide-range of jobs, from hourly assembly-line and construction worker to insurance sales, nonprofit executive, and professor/college dean. He has a deep regard for and interest in Native tradition both the spiritual and cultural aspects of the tribal traditions and the work of the medicine people.

Dr. Harshman is a speaker and author with an interest in the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations. He lives in St. Louis, Missouri, where he consults, does research, writes, and teaches part-time at Saint Louis University.