Dante's  Cubicle:

Paving the Road from Hell in Corporate America


This book is a mixture of Studs Terkel's Working and Scott Adams' Dilbert with a thread of corporate shaman woven into the fabric of the story.

Michael, a newcomer to the Archangel Corporation, tells the story of the sometimes bizarre daily life of young professionals in Archangel, Inc. 

Then there's Raphael, the insightful and different Spirit Guide who show up in Michael's life

It will touch the heart, mind, and spirit of everyone who has spent time inside a big organization.

"Carl Harshman has skillfully woven humor and satire with his deep technical knowledge of what makes people tick into a thoroughly informative book about something we all love or hate - work. His wisdom and knowledge of organizations shine through making this a book that should be required reading for anyone who is a boss or has one."

-Lance Wright

Former HR Senior Vice President &

‚ÄčAuthor of HR in the Boardroom